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**NEW** Big Green Fish Custom Bearings **NEW**

These new bearings are the finest Stainless Steel Ball Bearings for the money guaranteed.  These bearings have been through 3 different laboratory processes and were assembled specifically for use in fishing reels.  These are the best of the best and made even better.  Their specifications are higher than what the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee has set forth for an ABEC 7 rating.  One lab assembled them, another lab tested them and only kept the best, and then finally they were sent to a separate laboratory to be cleaned to ensure that all dust and lubricants used in the assembly process were removed and only then were the dust shields installed (dust shields normally do not come on these bearings).  What you are left with in my opinion is one of the finest stainless steel bearings on the market. 

All bearings sold are as clean as they are ever going to be.  Just add one drop of oil and install.

Sizes 4x9x4, 5x10x4, 4x10x4, and 3x7x3 will be discontinued when stocks run out. This is why the other bearings will be offered in discounted multipacks from now on. (the 3x7x3 will only be offered in a CT50 upgrade kit)

Bearing Size Applications Price Per Purchase
3 x 10 x 4

Spool Bearings - Most Shimanos (part# BNT0194, BNT0010, BNT2927, BNT0084, BNT0179,

BNT0458, BNT0470, BNT0880, TGT0112), Abu Garcia (part# 12667, 5230),

Quantum (part# QV017-01, HV017-01), Lew's (part# 38036, P306036)

Steez Spool Bearing (side plate)




5 x 11 x 4

Shimano Spool Shaft (part# BNT0124. RD8214, TGT0584, BNT0835) Abu Garcia (part# 10262)

Daiwa (part# TD-Z103H *spool*)

Steez Spool Bearing (spool)



3 x 8 x 4

Shimano (part# BNT0196, BNT0916), Daiwa (part# B35-0301, E08-8001, F40-3701, F57-7701, F57-7702)

Quantum (part # QW117-01, SW117-01)



8 x 12 x 3.5

Shimano Super-Free Pinion Bearing - Shimano (part# BNT2170, BNT2937)

Lew's Handle Bearing (part# P603025)



5 x 8 x 2.5

Replacement Bearing for Drive Shaft Bushing on Citica 100 D series

Shimano -(part# BNT3756. BNT2143, BNT2948), Daiwa (part# F05-5601)



4 x 9 x 4

Shimano (part# BNT1329, RD8278) Quantum (part# BV017-01)




5 x 9 x 3

Daiwa and Quantum Spool Bearings - Daiwa (part# B35-8601, F58-1901, TD-S & TD-X Spool)

Quantum (part# SW017-01, SW017-02?) Shimano (part# BNT0031, BNT2929, TGT0485, BNT0145, BNT0182, RD8005)



4 x 10 x 4

Common Ambassadeur Spool Bearing (part # 13472, 19843) $9.00

3 x 7 x 3

Shimano CT50/51 Cast Cap (part# BNT1817), Abu Garcia Worm Gear (part# 21680, 21688, 21705)

Quantum (part# XX117-01)






TG Ceramic Rocket Bearings

Quietly & without making any undue “song & dance” about it, our Rocketbearings have been slowly taking over the world of Tournament Casting & long range fishing.

Amongst many other notable results in 2008, we would especially like to offer our congratulations to our new ICSF World Record holder Colin Howlett & also to the French Team on their victory at the CIPS Casting Championships. If you can’t beat them, perhaps you may care to join them!

Manufactured to our precise specifications they carry the International ABEC 7 rating, are manufactured DRY, and are stamped on the outside of the cages CB.

These bearings are for the ultimate enthusiast and should be treated like a normal bearing with regular cleaning and lubing.  These are the best Ceramic Bearings available and are truly the world's best for distance.

Custom Sizes Available


(Ceramic Bearings may take 7-10 business days to arrive if backordered)



email for availability and ordering

Ceramic Bearing Size Price Per Bearing Purchase

3 x 10 x 4



5 x 11 x 4



3 x 8 x 4



4 x 10 x 4





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